Skill-UP Newsletter #02 – June 2021

Future Scenarios in Aviation


This document presents the results and conclusions of the online survey and the structured interviews conducted during the first phase of the project. It reports also a description of the future workforce profiles that will represent the target users of the aviation training programmes that will be developed within Skill-UP.

Issued in December 2020


This document describes the work conducted during the first year of the project, presenting four future scenarios in the aviation sector, key findings from the focus groups, and the design of the Air Sector Skills Transformation Map.




 Issued in March 2021


This document presents the results and conclusions of two main activities: 1) the review of the EQAVET standards and national validation requirements; and 2) the review of existing methodologies used in education and training that will be used to develop the Skill-UP training modules . 


Issued in June 2021

This document presents the study pathways for skilling, upskilling and reskilling of ATCOs, Pilots, RPAS pilots and check-in agents. Each Study Pathway contains a: 1) Formal training Section, which explored the required training both theoretical and practical that will be essential to become professional in Europe and 2) a Competence-based Section,  which explore the most important technical and transversal skills required by the different professional profiles. 

Issued in June 2021


Launch event: Skill-UP Project Overview

Skill-UP Project

National Launch Events

Online – October 2020

Future scenarios in the aviation sector

SKILL-UP Personas

skill-UP personas represent the target users of the future aviation VET training programmes. They have been designed with the purpose of describing the competences (knowledge, skills and attitudes) needed to undertake the essential tasks in the future operational scenarios and related training needs. 

ATC Personas

Patricia, a new entrant remote tower controller

BiLL, a professional OJTI, to be upskilled into remote tower OJTI

Mary, a professional tower ATCO, to be reskilled into remote tower ATCO

Commercial Aviation Personas

Sara, a new entrant single pilot
Irina, a professional pilot to be reskilled into single pilot onboard
Paul, a new entrant ground pilot
Roberto, a senior professional pilot to be reskilled into ground pilot


Mary Jane, a new entrant remote pilot in the Open category
Marco, a professional remote pilot in the Open category, to be upskilled for the Specific category
Oscar, a professional remote pilot to be reskilled to fly optionally piloted vehicles and remotely pilot air taxis within the U-space


Gözde, a new entrant virtual check-in agent
Ipek, a professional check-in agent, to be reskilled into a virtual check-in agent