Persona #1: Patricia, a new entrant remote tower controller

Persona #1: Patricia, a new entrant remote tower controller

On our last publication we introduced skill-UP personas rationale. Recall that a set of 12 personas was developed, clustered by the aviation domain they are addressing. Each persona has been given a fake name, which does not correspond to a real person, but rather indicates a single prototype of aviation training user.

Today, we introduce you to the first persona: Patricia, a new entrant remote tower controller.

The Patricia ATC Persona was developed to represent the professional profile of a new entrant remote tower controller, namely a student who has just received his initial remote tower controller training and is supposed to start working as a remote tower controller in the remote tower of her own city. Patricia was imagined as an early adopter of new technologies and very keen on discovering new systems and applications

Her training needs are expected to deal with basic use of the remote tower systems, as for the technical skills, and with service orientation, teamwork and decision making among the transversal skills.

Keep tuned to know more about the other personas!