skill-UP Personas: Development of future competency profiles

skill-UP Personas: Development of future competency profiles

In marketing, Personas are used to represent the characteristics, needs and motivations of the targetusers of a product. A number of Personas can be developed, each embodying a possible user’s type. Each Persona is usually given a name: this is not representing a real person, but the prototype of a single user’s type.

In the framework of skill-UP project, a set of Personas were developed in order to represent the target users of future aviation training programmes. These will allow a more concrete visualisisation of future aviation job profiles, that will feed the design of appropriate study pathways.

skill-UP personas intend:
To facilitate the efficient and effective adjustment of the workforce to future aviation scenarios
• To assist training providers, employees and employers

Personas are usually presented through a template, including a number of placeholders. Each placeholder embeds one of the user’s characteristics that are deemed relevant for the product.

In case you had the chance to analyse skill-UP  future scenarios, (availabe here) you will understand a direct correlation of such scenarios with the personas concept. Indeed, such scenarios were one of the three axis that allowed an informed and well structured development of the skill-UP personas.

Besides the future scenarios, online surveys and interviews results, and  feedback collected during focus groups with experts contributed to the elaboration of 12 personas. These 12 personas are aligned with the 4 scenarios produced,  as it can be seen in the image below. For each skill-UP Persona there is a reference operational environment and the impact on training.

In case you are curious to know in detail the 12 personas, keep tuned with our website and social media! We will soon present each individual person in detail.