Change Management for Automation and Emerging Technologies

Change Management for Automation and Emerging Technologies

Changes in airport operations

Change is defined as differentiation, but also means dissatisfaction with the old and belief in the new.

Change management is a collective term used to prepare, support and assist individuals, teams and organizations in the transition of  organizational changes such as goals, core values and processes. In other words, change management‎‎ is a systematic approach that includes all the methods that reorient or redefine the use of resources, business processes, budget allocation or other forms of work, that significantly change an organization. 

That are internal and external factors that increase the need of organizations to change. 


• Economy

• Technology

• Government laws and regulations

• Market situation


• Workforce

• Technology & equipment

• Corporate strategy

• Employee attitudes

Parallel to the increasing demand for aviation, aviation organizations have always experienced changes to meet the increasing demands. Today, aviation organizations are faced with faster, more complex, interdependent and cross-functional changes than ever before. In the aviation sector and industry, products and services are affected by changing conditions, and the emergence of new equipment, procedures and new technologies causes permanent changes.

Technological changes are inevitable and, although they happen on their own, they should be viewed as components of major strategic changes in the organization. It should be foreseen which systems, units and employees in the organization will be affected by these changes and how the changes will create threats and dangers. Plans should be made according to these predictions. The important thing in technological changes is to ensure that employees know how to actually use the new systems. Therefore, it is important to provide comprehensive training to employees in various departments.

There are multiple emerging technologies that can greatly enhance industrial and sectoral restructuring:

• Block Chain

• Augmented Reality

• Virtual Reality

• Artificial Intelligence

• Robotics

• Biometrics

• Internet of Things

• Big Data and Analytics

• Mobile Solutions

As a stakeholder of the Skill-Up project, Eskisehir Technical University is designing and preparing a training module for Airport Operators, so that they can keep up with the changes experienced with the developing technologies and automation. The Change Management module includes different topics: 

• Concept of change

• Reason and need for change

• Automation and new technologies

• Change planning

• Human factors in change management

• Resistance and resilience to change

• Changing Airport operations

• Change management

• Solutions for changing environments

Keep tuned to find more about the skill-up project!