Don’t miss the last set of personas: Airport personas!

Don’t miss the last set of personas: Airport personas!

Two Personas for the airport environment domain, with reference to the virtual check -in operations, were produced, as follows:

👉 Gözde, a new entrant virtual check-in agent;

👉Ipek, a professional check-in agent, to be reskilled into a virtual check-in agent.

The Gözde airport Persona was developed to represent the new entrance virtual check –  in agent profile of airport-ground handling business. Gözde was born in Antalya in the Mediterranean regions of Turkey. In Antalya, life is very enjoyable and weather conditions always keep people up. It is sunny and warm almost 9 months of the year. When she was a little child, Gözde was living very close to the airport. She was watching aircrafts all nights and trying to understand the differences between stars and aircraft. She could not imagine how the plane in the sky does. When she finished high school, she decided to work at the airport. To achieve her dreams she looked for departments which were suitable for her background and personality traits. As a result of her research, she thought that the passenger services department might be suitable. This job requires people to easily adapt, have strong communication, and are familiar to technological tools and systems. Gözde followed the recruitment and then applied for a job to Havas Ground Handling. The first challenge of obtaining an occupation was to pass written and interview exams. She achieved all exams and started to work 1 year ago. At the beginning of her job, she faced very different and new learning things. The training process was disciplinary and every time was full of new information. On-the-job training was very efficient. Within a year, Gözde learned about the civil aviation general rules, aviation terminology, aircraft passenger cabins, airport terminal systems, check-in systems, boarding process, teamwork, and being faster and more active in her business. After an orientation process Gözde gathered work experience in one year time. She planned to develop herself and her areas of responsibilities in the coming years. She gained knowledge about the aviation business getting more technologic skills by the time. She thought always “if you believe in full energy and enjoyable memories at work, you are in the right place in passenger services.”

The Ipek airport Persona was created to represent the professional virtual check-in agent profile of airport-ground handling business. She has been working in the airport ground handling company-passenger services department for six years. Six years ago, Ipek learned that there was a job opportunity at the airport during a computer course which she attended to increase her personal competence. She applied to exam, passed the exams, and was hired as check-in agent. This job was highly interesting and very convenient with her personality. Simply because she likes interactive communication with people, problem solving and new technologic systems. During and after the training process, she understood that job is not only ticket transactions, it is also needed carefulness, patient and smiling all the time. During three years she improved herself on her job and gained experience for management skills. By the time she has attended refresher training on many subjects regarding check-in processes. She learned new rules, new check-in systems, different practices in every airlines regulations, those kept her always dynamic and made ready for promotion on her career. She is currently working as a boarding responsible person. She manages a team with 15 members.This is the area where the passengers’ stress is at the lowest level. This place is very suitable for learning new things and increasing coordination and leadership skills. Her next goal is to become an instructor and team chief. She knows as long as improve herself for leadership, new technologies, aviation regulations and customer oriented services will be helpful for her future career plan. Lifelong learning is very important in the aviation industry, especially human relations and solution – oriented approach play a very significant role.